Anthony is a web technology veteran with a passion for applying innovative solutions to real-world problems, especially in the enterprise.

Over the years, he’s been both a:

  • SaaS startup co-founder
    (DistiSuite, offering a B2B e-commerce and web marketing solution for wholesale distributors)
  • Growth-stage SaaS CTO
    (WizeHive, offering a cloud-based platform designed to simplify the collection, review, and management of data and applications for grants, scholarships, and countless other processes)

He’s been described by others as a:

He and his teams have delivered products reaching sustained results of:

  • Nearly 1,000 enterprise customer accounts
  • Over 1 million monthly active users
  • $5 million in ARR
  • 100% net retention
  • ~30% year-over-year growth in new business

As a technical leader, he’s owned or otherwise engaged in:

  • Technical vision
  • Strategy design
  • Leadership by objective
  • Consensus building
  • Recruitment and growth of early-stage product teams
  • Ownership of $1m+ CapEx and OpEx budget lines
  • Delivery and maintenance of complex SaaS platforms leveraging REST APIs, big data, and serverless plugin architectures

He’s also managed significant security, privacy, and compliance milestones:

  • Creation of an Information Security Policy and Secure Software Development Lifecycle modeled after NIST 800-53 Moderate
  • SOC 2, FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR compliance

He keeps up his tech chops by engaging hands-on with:

  • Communities like Hacker News, StackOverflow, etc
  • A growing list of programming languages, databases, and object storage systems
  • DevOps and SRE movements
  • Emerging technologies such as voice assistants and machine learning systems

He can tell you lots of humbling stories about how he’s failed:

  • Frequently
  • Quickly
  • Introspectively

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